Things to Take into account When Buying Land in Ghana

Next the recent floods in Ghana which have killed at least thirty-five people today, I am inspired to share with you experiences I have learnt from my father in his ‘land acquiring stories’.

The latest floods in the state which meteorologists say is as a end result of world wide warming is been referred to as the most disastrous in the previous several a long time.

Ghana is 1 place that experiences rainfall generally in June and July each individual year. The intensity of this rainfall fluctuates between the years with some decades encountering quite large downpours than others.

But for final calendar year and this year, the downpour has been so extreme that it has resulted in floods in most pieces of the region. These floods have introduced up the destruction of illegal constructions typically residences in h2o approaches. Govt is executing so in purchase to build a runway for the drinking water to decrease the havoc the floods appear alongside with.

This means you have to be mindful what land you obtain and where it is positioned. The factors that follow will serve as an tips for you to follow when you go to invest in a land in any aspect of the region.

To start with, I will share with you what my father states will reduce you from buying a land that has so many courtroom cases on it or a land that has the potential to generate disputes. When you go to order a land specially in the Larger Accra Region, aside from the legal files, persuade the traditional authorities to pour libation on this unique land. The critical perception in libation by the Ga’s (the house owners of land in this area) will avert them from deceiving their gods by promoting this land to a next get together.

One particular thing that is value noting is from which chief you purchase a land. Because of to the a lot of chieftaincy disputes and court injunctions on who sells out lands in numerous of these parts, you have to check with and know the ideal main who can promote to you a land. There have been circumstances exactly where ‘illegal’ chiefs have sold out lands to individuals and these lands get confiscated later on.

Secondly, when choosing to purchase a land, do that in a wet period. So that when you go to the site and the depth of pool of h2o on the land is at your knee, it indicates 1 day that is how a lot drinking water will be gathered in your property. If on the other hand the land speedily dries up after rainfall, you have a superior land you can purchase.

Thirdly, you have to glimpse out for a variety of shrub that is domestically called ‘sre3’ in the Akan language. This shrub grows quickly on lands that are prone to flooding. When you go to obtain a land and you see this type of plant, you may want to think about coming back in the wet period to ensure your suspicion.

Also really important is your fiscal standing. This way you can danger getting a flood prone land for the reason that you can afford to pay for to erect a basis that will protect against water from running into your house when it rains.

You also have to contemplate the region or locality in which you are shopping for the land. When lots of of the properties in this location are on drinking water means it usually means when there is a major downpour there will not be a passage way for the h2o to escape for this reason the total spot will get flooded.

And finally and importantly, following performing all these history checks contact the Lands Fee or any Govt Agency in the locality that is liable for lands to seek more official information on the land you want to purchase,

Thank you for reading through and have a wonderful land purchasing encounter.

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