UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast?

As Hitler evidently outlined his strategies in Mein Kampf (and furiously set them into follow his very first possibility), so the United Nations handed an ominous resolution in 1947 concerning the destiny of Jerusalem: UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an “intercontinental town.” That is a glorified expression for ENEMY Profession!

The Vatican was at the rear of this vile plan and persuades her puppet politicians to assistance it. Jesuit-fascists have been laying in wait, patiently working underground, eager to arise and spring their GRAND Design and style on an unsuspecting world: GERMANY’S FOURTH REICH – the revival of the so-named Holy Roman Empire!

Captive Jerusalem – held hostage to foreign thoughts and alien restraints – would be issue to distant manage by an imposed “GOVERNOR” and his entourage of “Worldwide OFFICERS.” These proposed ministers of Church and State are to be neither citizens of Israel or Palestine. View for these seats to be filled with dormant monarchs from Europe (Aspect III. City of Jerusalem).

The Bible makes this counterfeit “King of kings” as THE BEAST! (Rev.13:18, 17:12). These types of a royal European “governor” (promoted by the pope, endorsed by the Vatican, and stamped with the German mark of approval) – an anointed Merovingian Messiah – will wage an unholy war towards all opposition! This fashionable Antiochus Epiphanes (“god in the flesh”) will strike the “Time of Jacob’s Hassle” and unleash the “Terrific Tribulation” of WWIII!

This blueprint of the Beast is laid out prior to our really eyes, still precious couple get it critically – for now. Several ridicule any concept of a menace from Fortress Europe and most likely would not wake up until eventually it is really as well late!

Normally, even the most liberal Jews are against any division of Jerusalem. But these are not standard times! Some Jews had been prophesied to provide out their people and homeland! Why? They’ll drop for EUROPE’S Massive LIE of “peace and protection.” Meanwhile, Europe flatters these KAPOS OF COMPROMISE and appeasement, stroking their egos with political awareness, promising them a put in the “New Jerusalem” whilst environment Israel up for a drop.

However, other Jews could be misled by this phony messiah a Germanic governor, the “Great King” saying descent from the Royal Residence of David. After all, just isn’t a scion of King David destined to rule? Indeed – but in accordance to the Torah, the Holy Bible – not as a bloody sword and servant of the Catholic Church! To aid crystal clear up any confusion, the Terrific God of the Bible guarantees to call upon Two Witnesses – in the bold spirit of Elijah – to testify against Europe’s counterfeit kingdom and expose it for what it is: a LIE FROM HELL!

The accursed UN Resolution 181 has laid the groundwork for the fulfillment of lots of prophecies! It stretches the mark of the Crusader-Kingdom’s borders to include things like 100 sq. miles about Jerusalem. We can assume these an place to be flooded with peacekeeping troops – “an army of peace.” The Bible phone calls the bluff of the Beast’s buffer zone and forewarns it indicators Jerusalem’s assault (Luke 21:20).

We ought to view for a string of activities – rigged by Germany and the Jesuits (who handle Europe) – to equipment up for a European onslaught! The Jerusalem theater of war is staying geared up right now as Germany and the Vatican press for a bloody “Palestinian” point out! They approach on wiping Israel’s God-presented title off the map! (Ps. 83).

This evil European intrigue is aware entire properly that this kind of a state of chaos and confusion will destabilize the location! Which is accurately what they want! Europe ideas on riding in on their white horse as the Savior – disguised as “peacekeepers” to avert WWIII. They’re going to rush to the scene and appear as “mediators” to halt the insanity. Having said that, their white horse is a Trojan Horse that will shock and betray both of those Arab and Jew!

To invite the Europeans into the Center East is an invitation for disaster! Their white horse will transform blood red when the wild beast tramples Jerusalem! Europe’s new crusade will forcibly impose their German mark, the Vatican’s bogus eyesight of peace, on the Middle East! Fatima’s folly will engulf the entire world with nuclear flames! The marionettes of Mariolatry (wolves in sheep’s outfits) will be held accountable for such a holocaust! The Two Witnesses will get the stand in Jerusalem right before a environment court to condemn them! (Micah 6:2).

The European mix – pushed by Germany – is about to thresh the nations! They are on an unholy mission to fulfill their false faith. Their self-righteous and misguided zeal will offer harshly with all who dare oppose their heresy and hypocrisy. Ironically, Jerusalem is the threshing floor that will ultimately blow them away (Micah 4:12). The real Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) will before long make the Catholic chaff heritage! The God of Israel will rebuke them from His holy mountain, the Temple Mount – and grab the Beast and False Prophet by the scruffs of their neck and throw them into the Lake of Fire! (Dan. 2:35). The Holy One of Israel will purify the Earth of their evil presence and rid Jerusalem of their Roman occupation (Malachi 3:3).

Prior to this wondrous Jubilee celebration, generating null and void each asinine settlement and treacherous treaty, announced by the Two Witnesses: coveted Jerusalem will be “set up as a corpus separatum (different entire body) beneath a special worldwide routine and shall be administered by the United Nations.” In other text, the Crusader-Kingdom of Jerusalem will have been restored. With European royals who hail from the Dwelling of David to boot! They’re going to have ripped out and stolen the heart of Israel (Jerusalem) for their occult reasons. They’re going to have seized the coveted crown jewel (the Temple Mount) to adorn their delusion and mount their offensive!

The accursed UN Resolution 181 enables the “Governor” of Jerusalem, who is exposed as a Beast, to seize unexpected emergency powers in the occasion of any danger, real or imagined, as he deems important. How hassle-free. All he has to do is generate a disaster. This sets the stage for Jerusalem’s Crusader-King to come to be a DICTATOR.

This Dictator will be given a free of charge hand to crack bones beneath Security actions (Part 4): To hold legislation and get inside the Town, with concentrate on the holy web pages, the Governor “shall arrange a exclusive police power the members of which shall be recruited exterior of Palestine (European Speedy Deployment Power). The Governor shall be empowered to (spend whichever is)required for the upkeep of this drive”.

Jerusalem’s Governor-Dictator can make or crack his very own procedures! Mainly, under the cloak of protection/safety clause, a severe safety breach, the governor can turn out to be a digital dictator if he feels his administration is hampered or threatened he can veto any expenditures that he considers inconsistent with his paranoid feeling of safety. He is available the powers of darkness, the kingdoms of this environment, by exerting his “Particular powers of the Governor in regard of the Holy Places in the Metropolis and in any portion of Palestine. The security of the Holy Areas positioned in the Metropolis of Jerusalem shall be a specific concern of the Governor The Governor shall be empowered to make conclusion on the foundation of present legal rights in conditions of (spiritual) disputes he may possibly be assisted by a consultative council of representatives of diverse denominations (or he may not!).”

In other words, this Governor-Dictator – in his hour of darkness – can do what he needs, whenever and anywhere he wants, not only in Jerusalem but all through the Holy Land, with unique emphasis on religious difficulties and sacred internet sites! The Satan stays focused irrespective of whether or not God’s People do: He is familiar with the excellent and holy worth of Jerusalem to God and His Prophets. Jerusalem is the base line of any “peace system.” It bears God’s personal signature. Satan fought to seize God’s throne in Heaven and now he’s after his seat on Earth: Jerusalem’s Temple Mount!

The Governor-Dictator of Jerusalem will carefully keep an eye on and regulate freedom of worship and flexibility of entry: UN Resolution 181, Chapter 2: Religious and Minority Legal rights (1) reveals that “Freedom of conscience and the cost-free exercise of all varieties of worship, subject matter only to the upkeep of general public order and morals, shall be ensured to all” – in other phrases, if militant Muslims threaten to riot or wage war when Christian-Zionists or Jews are finally absolutely free to worship on the Temple Mount, such spiritual liberty – for “maintenance of general public purchase” will be DENIED! The sacrifices (before long to commence) will be forcibly stopped!

The Governor-Beast power, his administration from Hell, is meant to very last for an first trial of ten years. (The Nazi Reich lasted for twelve). Record warns that “complete electric power unquestionably corrupts.” Who is so foolish to feel that another person with these types of sweeping powers would relinquish self-handle? The Nazi March of Folly will never prevent on its personal accord, particularly when Jerusalem’s dictator can declare a condition of crisis and slam the doorway shut for dissent, situation closed, fate sealed. The Bible reveals the worst of it will very last 3 and a 50 % years, all through which time some will acquire shelter from the Storm, a safe haven from the Holocaust (Isa. 26:20, Rev. 12:14).

The Two Witnesses will be provided divine immunity (throughout God’s witness defense method of three and a half decades) to allow them to bluntly reveal the dark strategies that cover behide the Vatican’s veil (Isa. 47). They’re going to converse the plain fact, an outspoken information with miracles, and then God will permit their murder (Rev. 11:7). God will not allow any one to touch them – his anointed – till after they have had sufficient chance to plead their scenario prior to the nations (Ps. 105:15). Then after 3 and a 50 % times they’re going to be again with a vengeance! Their earth-shaking resurrection to mortal lifetime will be in whole see of a captive audience who will enjoy their flight departure to be part of the selected couple waiting around (in the wings of the wilderness) for the imminent arrival of our King – the real Jesus Christ (Rev. 11:11).

In summary, the brute Beast and Bogus Prophet (a counterfeit Elijah who will market and induct the fake messiah/governor into business office) will before long consider centre-stage. Nevertheless, the Two Witnesses will shine the highlight on these mortal guys and expose the wannabe divine “emperor has no apparel” (Rev. 13:18).

UN Resolution 181 is the blueprint of the Beast! It reveals its evil intentions like Hitler’s Mein Kampf uncovered his warped will for the full environment to examine and heed – if only they had. It is Europe’s Final Answer for Jerusalem, Israel and the Middle East.

Germany and the Vatican drive for a prickly “Palestinian” condition due to the fact they know they can enter the good divide, the Fantastic Rift, with the “Great King” when each get-togethers demand Jerualem for their possess and have it they intend to trip the wave of the “Palestinian” point out with the Vatican crest. They are going to use this Resolution as a ruse to enter the breach and consolidate their maintain. Then they are going to abruptly dismiss with it (acquiring seized dictatorial powers) and bare their toxic, unappealing fangs!

The Beast-Dictator will overwhelm all mankind, however concentrate on the Anglo-Saxon Israelites and Jews to bear the brunt of his wrath. His nuclear scourge will crucify and behead our placement as “leader of the cost-free entire world.” This mystic “Governor” of Jerusalem’s conjured Kingdom (summoned from the abyss of Catholic record) will command EUROPE’S NEW Crusade with an unimaginable fury. His unheard of hatred, barbaric hostility and primitive blood-lust will jolt even the jaded. The darkish powers of the Beast know that this is their very last chance, the past round, in advance of the coming of the Heavenly King of the Jews, the Holy One particular of Israel.

The Two Witnesses will shortly increase and shine in a planet of darkness (Isa. 60:1). These two prophets – one particular in head and intent in the spirit of Elijah – will put together the way for the outstanding descent of our God-King from the sky, not from Europe or the earth (Dan. 7:13). The Two Witnesses will herald the coming of the reputable heir to King David’s Throne in Jerusalem who will demolish the bastard from Babylon! The abominable blueprint of the beast will be background and the Torah will exhibit us the way, as we worship in the Royal “House of Prayer for all nations.”

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